Friday, October 22, 2010

Lazy Friday

Today I wasn't feeling my five mile run. Work was too hectic to fit it in, and by the time I got home I was feeling and unmotivated to run in the cold. I opted for 50 minutes on a stationary bike at the gym instead, since biking uses the same muscles as running, but without the impact on your joints. When training for a race, biking is a good alternative to running if you're injured.

After the gym I was famished, so I sliced up some of the leftover baguette from the strata I made and slathered it with some Light Garlic Herb Laughing Cow Cheese. Yum!

Then I set about making dinner. For some reason I've had a hankering for linguine with clams today, so that's what I had! As my whole wheat linguine cooked, I sauteed half a clove of garlic in some butter on medium heat. After a few minutes I added about 1/3 can of baby clams, along with most of the clam juice in the can. I continued to heat the clam-butter-garlic until it was slightly reduced, then strained my pasta and mixed it all together. I added some Parmesan cheese to the top and dinner was ready...quick, easy and delicious!

Tomorrow morning I'm running 11 miles with Callie. The Manchester Half Marathon is just 2 weeks away! So I'm about to don my biggest pair of sweatpants, watch some trashy TV, and then early to bed for me. Man I feel old. I promise to be more exciting tomorrow!

On a side note...Pat has recently become obsessed with Eggo waffles. When I stopped at the store tonight to get some milk, I came across this:

I couldn't help myself and bought it for him. He immediately had two bowls, and I might have also had a bite or two. I'm not proud to say this, and if you tell anyone I'll deny it, but its pretty damn good!

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