Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trail Run and Beautiful Sun(flowers)

After a long weekend of eating, drinking, and catching up with friends from home, I met up with Callie for a run. We've recently been running at Mine Falls Park in Nashua, and its nice to get off the roads and onto the trails. Here's the map of the 5k run:

Of course, neither of us are very good with directions, so we haven't ever actually run the 5k. Last time we ended up running for over an hour, and tonight I wore my Garmin watch to see how far we went. We ran 2.5 miles, but then walked the rest of the time (about another 45 minutes) and spent a lot of time catching up, which was great. She's starting nursing school tomorrow, and had orientation on Thursday. Sounds like its going to be a great year for her! :)

After run/walking, we split up to each do our grocery shopping. When I got home, there was a bag waiting on my steps. In it were beautiful sunflowers, a bar of dark chocolate (my favorite!) and the veggie burgers she'd told me about on our run. She's such a sweetheart!

Of course I had to try the veggie burgers tonight. They are vegan, and made out of a mix of different vegetables. I took one out of the package and it looked and smelled great:

They're from Trader Joe's, which I'm pretty biased towards. So far I think I love everything I've had from there.

I ate the burger plain, to taste all of the flavors, and because I had lots of cleaning to do and not much energy to get creative with a meal. Check out all of the veggies in this bad boy:

I really liked this and will definitely buy these in the future. I bet it'd be great with lettuce and tomato, or avocado and red onions.

I had a great long weekend with my girls from home, and ended it with a great night with Callie! Thanks for all of the goodies, Cal! Have a great first day tomorrow!

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