Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tofu Trials

I love tofu, and I love trying new tofu recipes and different packaged tofu meals. I have a hard time eating packaged meat meals (it just seems wrong somehow), and I hate the taste of microwaved meat. Tofu, however, is made of soy beans, and I don't have a problem eating packaged/frozen meals or heating it up in a microwave. It also tends to be much lower in fat, cholesterol and calories, but still high in protein. So I'm going to do some taste-testing to find the best packaged tofu meals.

I noticed this for the first time at the grocery store a couple weeks ago. I love Thai food, and tofu, so it seemed like a good idea. I made it for lunch a couple days ago.

I was super hungry and also tired, so was hoping that this would be filling and nourishing to get me through the rest of the day.

This was delicious. It was a little bit spicy and the consistency of the tofu was like chicken, which was great with the veggies and rice. I'll definitely buy this again, and also try the other varieties in the Trio line.

I've tried a lot of other things in the "Smart" line, but today was my first time having their chili.

Just microwave for 2 1/2 minutes in the package, then pour into a bowl! I added a dollop of Light Sour Cream to my chili.

This was pretty good. Lots of beans, which I like, and there was a nice bite to it. It tasted a little bit sweet, which I thought was different. The nutrition stats are great:
Nutrition:Amount per ServingPercentage Daily Value
Calories from Fat5
Fat, g0.51%
Saturated Fat, g0
Trans Fatty Acids, g0
Cholesterol, mg0
Sodium, mg82034%
Potassium, mg*123035%
Carbohydrate, g4415%
Fiber, g1248%
Sugars, g12
Protein, g1938%
Vitamin A, %0%
Vitamin C, %6%
Calcium, %15%
Iron, %35%

Lots of protein, fiber, and iron, and basically no fat.

There are so many other options from this line, several of which I've had, so if you're interested in tofu, please try some! The Smart Dogs and Smart Deli Bologna are two of my favorites!

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