Friday, September 10, 2010

Tofu and Veggie Stir Fry

After a quick 3.75 mile run this evening, I headed home. On the way home, I stopped at Costco (since I still have my mom's Costco card that I borrowed a couple weeks ago) to buy some Greek yogurt, fruits and veggies in bulk. I've never had a problem using her card, but someone was obviously taking their job very seriously tonight. I said that I intended on paying with my debit card instead of charging it to her account. You'd think that would have made them happy, but they got two managers involved, said I couldn't make the purchase. When I pointed out that I only had some fruits, veggies, and yogurt, they finally agreed to let me buy it, but I could only pay cash. They would not accept my debit card. Ugh. Does anyone carry cash on them these days? So I trucked it to the ATM, took out cash, and paid for my things...then had to go back to the manager station to retrieve my mom's card before leaving. Talk about a grocery shopping buzz kill. After a few rude glances back, I got in my car and set off for home...where I made a very colorful tofu and veggie stir fry to brighten my mood!

I usually buy Light Firm tofu, which is great for stir fry. Open the package, drain the water, and cut up into whatever shapes you fancy! Then place tofu on paper towels:

And cover the tofu with paper towels (I usually double up on bottom and on top) and press down on the tofu - this helps absorb the extra moisture from the tofu before cooking, which then allows the tofu to absorb more of the flavors you cook with, and keep its shape better in the frying pan.

Heat a pan on medium-high and add oil (I used Toasted Sesame Oil, but you can use any type, or use spray). I used only about a tablespoon. Add the tofu to the heated pan.

Let the tofu cook for a minute or two, then move around and flip over. I like it best when its a little bit browned and crispy. I added some Low Sodium Soy Sauce for some flavor.

Prepare your veggies for the stir fry. Its best if they are cut to be about the same size so they cook at the same rate. Most vegetables are great in stir fry; tonight I used red bell peppers, snow peas, mushrooms and water chestnuts.

After you've allowed the tofu to cook for a few minutes, add the vegetables, and turn the heat down to medium.

I added some more soy sauce, stirred, and covered. Every minute or two remove the cover to stir and check the status of the veggies. I like them cooked but still crunchy (soggy vegetables are not appealing to me) so I taste-test to make sure not to overcook.

These look about right:

Quick, easy, and healthy!

I ALWAYS eat my stir fry with chopsticks, because I think it makes it more festive! This was a pretty tame dish, the soy sauce gave the vegetables a mild flavor, and the toasted sesame oil was a nice change from olive oil, which I usually use. Any other sauces or marinades can be added while cooking. When I'm in the mood for spicy I'll usually mix some BBQ, teriyaki, and hot sauce together. This can also be served with brown rice, pasta, rice noodles, etc!

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