Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Day!

There is really nothing like a good old fashioned snow day. As a kid (i.e. until I left for college) I loved the prospect of snow days. I'd always stay up extra late the night before, since I'd be able to sleep in the next morning, and eagerly watch the school closing scroll on the news, waiting for my school to be listed. I'm pretty sure I coerced my parents into allowing many school night sleepovers with friends the night before we expected a snow day.

I got back up to Nashua yesterday evening before the big storm hit and unpacked all of my wonderful goodies from Santa and my family (including lots of baking stuff I needed! A rolling pin, cookie sheets, stackable cooling racks, cookie cutters, a stand mixer, official cake tester, and several new cookbooks). I then curled up on the couch and spent a couple hours reading in front of my lit Christmas tree, followed by a wonderful nap for an hour or two. At 10:30 Pat woke me up to announce that he was not tired, and convinced me that it was a good idea to start Inception at around 11pm. Normally I would not be so irresponsible on a school work night, but going back to my childhood behavior, I felt that staying up late was justified if I'd be having a snow day the next day. I'm glad I stayed up, Inception was such a good movie! For anyone else that totally missed the boat on seeing this last summer, I highly recommend renting it now.

At 5:45 this morning I looked outside and saw that it was still snowing, the plows hadn't touched the roads in a few hours, and that our cars were blocked in by a snow wall about 3 feet high that had been created the last time the streets were plowed. I declared today a snow day and emailed my supervisor that I'd work from home instead of coming in. I reset my alarm for 8am and went back to bed!

After a few productive hours, it was time to have some fun. Pat also declared today a snow day for himself, so I had a partner in crime. I threw on several layers of Under Armour, knee-high socks, my beloved Sorel boots, my heaviest winter jacket, a pair of gloves and mittens, and a hat, and we were off on our mission: trudging to Jackie's for a breakfast/lunch feast!

Trudging in the snow to a fun destination is probably one of my favorite things to do after/during a big storm. I love the feeling of being snowed-in (as long as you're where you want to be!). Its about a 1.5 mile walk to get to Jackie's, and there weren't many other people on the road. Except plows and bobcats.

 Lots of places downtown were closed.

Jackie's was open! This has been our favorite breakfast spot since we moved to Nashua. Its a little French Canadian place that makes everything homemade and is run by the nicest people.

We ordered a mixture of breakfast and lunch items. I got one crepe with powdered sugar and lemon. It was amaaaazing. Of all the times we've been here I'd never ordered crepes, but I definitely will now! I also got a salad with (grilled) buffalo chicken, which was very good (and very spicy!).

Pat got a turkey club with fries. The club was sooo good but best of all were the fries. These are hand-cut homemade fries, and I could have eaten a whole plateful (but instead I just ate half of Pat's!).

Then we trudged back home, happy and full.

Once we got home we shoveled out our cars for about a half hour, after which I needed another treat! Snow with maple syrup! Did you ever have that growing up? It was a favorite in my family...just gather some (clean) snow and pour some maple syrup on top, and you have yourself a delicious snack!

Pat and I hit the gym for a chest/tris/ab workout, and when we got home he showed me the gingerbread cookies his mom made for me. A gingerbread angel! She is not long for this world...I'd better eat her send her to heaven to be with the rest of the angels.

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