Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Last night I met two of my faves, Chrissy and Callie, for dinner at Cobblestones in Lowell, MA. We had never been there before, but we picked Lowell as an easy place to meet (coming from Boston, Medford, and Manchester, and going to Nashua, Woburn, and the NH Seacoast) - we're busy girls! After perusing the dinner and drinks menu online, I decided that it looked like a good place. And it was!

The drink menu is quite expansive and includes lots of interesting cocktails I never would have dreamed of  as well as many beers and wines to choose from. I stuck with my favorite - dirty martini with Ketel One and 3 olives. Chrissy ordered a glass of Riesling and Callie had a Wachusett Blueberry Ale (one of my favorite blueberry beers). We started with the fried brie cheese appetizer, which came with garlic crostini, greens, and some cranberry glaze drizzled on the plate. This was delicious, and was eaten far before I even thought about taking out my camera. The outside "fried" part tasted like Panko bread crumbs to me, but I forgot to ask the waitress if they were.

For our main course we all ended up getting the same thing! Chrissy and Callie are both vegetarians, and I used to be a vegetarian, so non-meat options naturally appeal to me. We order the spinach salad with strawberries, candied pecans, blue cheese (I had feta instead) and mustard-poppy dressing (on the side!). To top our salads off, we all also ordered the grilled portobellos.

This salad was huge, fresh, and exactly what I'd wanted. The grilled portobellos on top were fantastic with the salad - why don't more restaurants offer this in addition to the typical grilled chicken or steak add-ons? I will definitely be grilling portobellos at home and adding them to salads and sandwiches. 

Chrissy and Callie also enjoyed their salads.

When we couldn't eat any more, we asked the waitress to wrap up the salads...and I forgot mine there! So disappointing! Before leaving I gave Chrissy and Callie the almond butter and baked oatmeal bars I'd made the night before. We also awkwardly asked the waitress to take some pictures of us.

I loved Cobblestones and will definitely go back! There is so much more on their menu that I'd love to try, and was also impressed with the great wait staff and service.

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