Thursday, December 2, 2010

Aquitaine and ... Go Big or Go Home

After completing a big project at work, my supervisor suggested we go out to dinner to celebrate. Last night we, also accompanied by our manager, went to Aquitaine (in the new Legacy Place which is such a fun spot - reminds me a bit of The Grove in LA).

I started with a glass of Malbec from Argentina (did you know that red wines from South America are better for you than those from Europe/United States? More antioxidants in the grapes!) and the waitress brought us some cheese puffs (Gruyere cheese in a puff pastry) and a baguette with cheese and roasted garlic. I already knew I was in trouble as I silently prayed for more cheese puffs (luckily no more came). Earlier in the day a co-worker had recommended the burger here, and after thinking about it for a couple hours, I knew I had to have it (although everything on this menu looks absolutely mouth watering). My burger came with applewood bacon, melted cheddar, and truffle mayo, served on a fresh brioche with a side of pomme frites. Let me preface by saying that I am not a big mayonnaise fan. When absolutely necessary I'll use a little bit sparingly, but I've never been one to put it on sandwiches (and NEVER on a burger!)...I should also tell you that I adore truffle (the amazing truffle macaroni and cheese at The Tavern In The Square just popped into my head) - so I was going into this with an open mind.

Our meals arrived, mine looking just as heart-stopping as I expected (I mean heart stopping in two senses: I was instantly in love, and also felt my heart beats slowing down as I thought about the damage to my arteries this would cause):

I do apologize for the very dark picture, but I had to be very stealth when taking a picture of my meal. I don't think my supervisor or manager would understand or appreciate it if I whipped out my camera in the middle of this nice French restaurant, especially if I was going to ignore the people at the table and only focus on the food. So this is all I could get. Do you see the gravy boat full of truffle mayo!? 

As I said, I'm not a mayo person. I would never dream of dipping my french fries in mayo. I hope I don't offend anyone by saying this, but I don't understand the appeal with dipping your fried food into a high fat white goo. And here's my confession. Last night I slathered the truffle mayo on my burger and dipped almost every single fry into it as well. It was absolutely divine. I couldn't believe how good it was and couldn't stop eating it. I would absolutely give this meal a 10, and while you shouldn't eat like this often, every now and then is okay, so I fully enjoyed it with only a tiny bit of guilt (my four mile run and chest and tri session at the gym seemed pretty meager by the end of the meal).

But I didn't stop there...

We finished the meal with a cup of coffee (I said that I couldn't possibly find room for dessert) but when I left I decided to go to Whole Foods, which was just across the way. Upon walking in I was immediately sucked into the dessert section (I guess my dessert will power does not translate when it enters a different eating establishment) and ended up getting myself a coconut almond crunch gelato with JuJu stars on top.

Have you ever had the JuJu stars from Whole Foods? They are among my favorite gummies. And I don't need to expand upon the delight of coconut almond crunch gelato, except to explain that the almonds were slivered and the crunch was pieces of dark chocolate. Amazing! I'd eaten all of the stars and about a third of the gelato when my sister called me, and saved me from myself. I'd gotten my sweet fix, and didn't have more room for much else of anything, so I ditched the rest of the gelato and chatted with her instead. Thank you Laura! Whew, I feel full just writing this post, but the food was definitely one for the books!

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