Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Shoes!

There's nothing like a new pair of running shoes to add a little spring to your step. It is recommended that you change your running shoes every 300 to 500 miles, which is pretty often (and pretty expensive) if you run a lot or are training for a race. I am guilty of ignoring that recommendation sometimes, for example right now. I've still been running in the same shoes I wore in the 2010 Boston Marathon (in April!) and 2 months of training leading up to the marathon. So I can only imagine how past due they are at this point!

This weekend I finally bought myself a new pair. You could call my running-shoe-shopping either boring or efficient...I walk into Finish Line, find the latest model of my favorite shoe (Asics Gel Keyano) ask for my size, grab a set of athletic SOF SOL inserts, and walk to the cash register. I love my Asics and don't see any reason to try another type!

The Asics Gel Keyano 16 I just bought:

About 4 or 5 years ago I discovered SOF SOL inserts, which absorb a lot of shock and give good energy return. I've recommended these to a couple friends, co-workers, my sister, and Pat, and everyone who has tried them have loved them. So if you're a runner I highly recommend you try them out!

Here's my new loot:

I ran for the first time in these this morning, and they felt great! I went for a very early (and chilly) 3.5 mile run and then met Pat at the gym for back and bis training, then went home to shower and eat breakfast, voted, and finally got to work.

The Manchester Half Marathon is this Sunday! Last night I started my carbo-loading (I usually increase my carbs a little bit in the week leading up to a longer race) with a tofu broccoli pasta dish:

As the organic whole wheat penne cooked, I steamed some broccoli and sauteed some spinach. Then I threw it all in a big bowl with some marinara sauce and some Parmesan cheese! Carbs and protein - check! Easy and delicious - check!

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