Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hit the Gym

What are you supposed to do after eating four abnormally large meals in three days (that would be two Thanksgiving meals on Thursday, dinner at my mom's on Friday, and an Italian-inspired Thanksgiving with my dad's family on Saturday)? I guess the only thing to do at this point is hit the gym. I love the holidays, and love all the great food that comes with them, so I don't regret any of my indulgences. Thanksgiving may be over, but Christmas will be here faster than I think, and I foresee many cookies and holiday treats in my future between now and then. I don't have any excuses, because I'm sure that I'll be making most of the cookies and cakes, but I love dessert, and this is the time of year to have it!

So I plan to hit the gym a lot this month and try to eat as cleanly as possible (when not stuffing cookies in my face). On Sunday, after sleeping in later than I have in months, I got up to go to the gym with Pat. It was shoulders and legs day (one of my favorites) and we finally brought squats back (for some reason I love squats, but Pat hates them, so we've been on a squats hiatus). I thought it'd be a good idea to start right back up with the weight I was doing a few months ago, so I did 3 sets of squats at 95 pounds. All I can say is ouch. Two days later and I'm still in pain going up and down the stairs (or simply walking down the hallway ha).

I lost my headphones a couple months ago, but didn't really think anything of it because I mostly run outside, and don't listen to music. Now that its getting colder and I'm trying to expand my workouts to include some things other than running, I needed some headphones for the gym. Isn't one of the nice things about doing cardio in the gym that you get to watch trashy TV and not be judged?? On the way to the gym I picked up these fun headphones. I love pink, and figured a bright color might pump me up (if not, at least Pat won't confuse them for his!).

I did 50 minutes on the elliptical while watching E! News, then Pat joined me for back and bis strength training. After a very sweaty session we went home, exhausted.

For dinner I tried a new ravioli from Trader Joe's that caught my eye...artichoke and cheese! I love anything with artichokes (but prefer to eat them steamed and plain) so I had to try these. 

I boiled these and steamed some broccoli for a fast and yummy dinner.

I had these plain because I didn't want sauce to mask the flavor of the ravioli. Overall I thought they were very good and would definitely buy them again. I might try making a butternut squash and risotto sauce for them next time (because I'm obsessed with squash and risotto and believe they belong with everything).

I also tried a new snack from Trader Joe's...and for the first time wasn't a big fan. You can see from the pictures that I didn't wait to leave the parking lot before trying them (where has my self control gone?).

I like seaweed (in my sushi, and seaweed salad) but this tasted extra fishy. I tried a few pieces, but I didn't really enjoy it. Perhaps it would be better crushed and sprinkled on some soup or mashed potatoes?

On a yummier note, I baked 3 sweet potatoes last night to have on hand for healthful snacks for the week (just pierce the potatoes with a fork or knife, microwave for 3 minutes, and then bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes). These are so delicious, and only need some salt and pepper or a dusting of cinnamon to make a nice treat (I like them both hot and cold).

Any tips on staying healthy during the holidays? Or alternatively, what are your favorite holiday treats?

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