Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lemonade Was A Poor Choice

After a hiatus of several weeks, I decided it was time to get back to Bikram. I am done with my half marathons for the spring, so I can now try to find a way to balance yoga and running. On Monday I made sure to hydrate a little more than usual during work (which meant about 12 cups of water and just as many trips to the bathroom) and I went home to change before class. As I filled my giant water bottle with ice cubes, I was struck by a brilliant idiotic idea. Instead of just plain water, I decided that it would be more refreshing if I mixed half lemonade and half water in my water bottle. What is more refreshing on a hot day (or in a hot studio) than a tall glass of iced lemonade? I filled the bottle with my mixture, then decided I should get a little extra hydration in before I chugged half of the water bottle (probably the equivalent of 2 cups) and then refilled it.

I got to the yoga studio a little bit early to set up my mat and relax before class started. I was excited to run into Gina, and she set up her mat next to mine. As class started I didn't feel so great - I felt the sudden pains of heartburn, followed by immediate nausea and dizziness. I tried to concentrate on the poses and ignore how I was feeling, but it was no use. In the middle of one of the poses I was so sure that I was about to lose my lunch lemonade that I grabbed my mat and towel and made a run for it. Since it was in the middle of a pose and the class was packed, I was literally bobbing and weaving through everyone's outstretched legs in midair. Had I been witnessing this myself I surely would have lost my composure and burst out laughing. Instead, I bolted for the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face until the nausea subsided. How embarrassing.

I knew that if I didn't go back to Bikram right away then I never would. I'd make excuses and never try again, for fear of another embarrassing episode. So on Tuesday I packed my yoga stuff in the morning so that I could go straight there from work. Again I hydrated all day to prepare for the 90 minutes in 105 degrees. In the beginning of class I felt a little uneasy again - a few waves of queasiness hit me, but I just kept taking deep breaths and worked through them. The class seemed longer and harder than usual, but when it was over I felt really amazing. 

I got home a little bit after 6pm, ate some frozen mango (an amazing post-Bikram snack) and showered. Then Pat surprised me by getting home at 7! He was supposed to have a late meeting, but had rescheduled it and came home instead! All we wanted to do was relax, so instead of cooking we ordered a pizza and watched No Strings Attached.

The pizza was phenomenal. We got a veggie pizza (no olives on Pat's side) and I topped mine with some fresh avocado.

I've had this several times, but last night it tasted especially good, maybe because I'd worked really hard in yoga. After a really busy weekend and two hectic days at work, I needed a relaxing evening to spend time with Pat. After the movie (which I really liked - I love Natalie Portman) we went to bed early! Do I sound old if I say that pizza, a movie and early to sleep is a perfect night? Oh yeah...we also paused the movie for a quick trip out for ice cream. It was the perfect night.

Have you had any bad experiences with food/drink before working out?

What's your perfect night?


  1. I've never had any bad experiences w/ food before working out. Sometimes if I drink coffee right before, I am like a crazy person running on the treadmill. Kinda makes me laugh. I've never had avocado on a pizza - MUST TRY!

  2. OH gosh- I did that with ORANGE JUICE ONE TIME! It was terrible!! I feel your pain!!!

    Your pizza AND night SOUND AMAZING! (; You're not old- your smart!!

  3. I've had lots of experience eating something before a run that did NOT agree with me. The first time I ever ran 10 miles, I ate sushi beforehand. And I only ever eat the raw fish. It was horrifying!

  4. oh I've totally been there. especially with the hot yoga and quesy stomach! glad you finally got to enjoy it!

  5. In think pizza, movie and an early night with an ice cream break is a pretty great night too!