Monday, May 23, 2011

I Love Surprises!

There's nothing like the feeling you get when you've pulled off a good surprise. Seeing a look of shock and excitement in someone's face is incredible, and makes any amount of planning completely worthwhile. Pulling off such a surprise doesn't happen often...but it did this weekend!!

Friday was Kathryn's birthday. You remember Kathryn, she lives in Virginia with her husband and is one of my very, very best friends. Kathryn and I met on the first day of high school. We grew up in neighboring towns that shared a regional high school, and on that first day of school we were both late to class and lost - and it turned out we were both trying to find Miss Karban's math class. So that's when our friendship began, first by passing notes in class and the hallways, then we graduated to daily phone calls when we were separated in college, and now we're pretty much always in touch by BBMing on our Blackberries.

Kathryn missed Steph's bridal shower and bachelorette party last weekend because she was unable to fly up. I missed Kathryn a lot and wanted to see her, and it just so happened that her birthday weekend was the only weekend I could get away. So it was meant to be! Her husband Chad and I planned the surprise and promised each other that we wouldn't tell anyone (except for Pat, because I'm pretty sure he'd notice when I was missing for the weekend). We knew that the more people who knew, the less of a chance that our surprise would work. My flight landed at 1:40 on Saturday afternoon, and as Kathryn got her hair done, Chad picked me up at the airport, we got her cake, and drove over to meet her. The plan was that Kathryn and Chad were going to meet for an ice cream when her hair was done. Chad waited in front of the ice cream place and I waited inside, with my back to the door. I stood at the back of the line, but a little bit to the side. Chad lead the way, walking in front of me, and when Kathryn walked in front of me I said "excuse me, I was in line" in my rudest voice. The look on her face was perfect - she went from alarmed (at my rudeness) to a little bit confused to so surprised and happy. We pulled it off! 

The scene of the surprise

The rest of the weekend was so much fun, after getting ice cream (it was actually Sweet Frog - a frozen yogurt place with tons of yogurts and toppings) Kathryn and I went off to King's Mill for pedicures, which Chad had booked for us (so thoughtful). 

Kathryn got I Think In Pink and I got Cajun Shrimp

After our pedis, Kathryn and I picked up filet mignon and giant potatoes at the store. Once back at her house, we had a champagne toast and munched on cheese and crackers and hummus while Chad grilled the steaks, potatoes, and corn on the cob. 

Kat and Chad
Kat and Aggie
Me and Kat, with Chad in background.
Wearing our matching shorts. Yes, its still cool to match.

After dinner we presented Kathryn with her cake, and after several attempts at singing Happy Birthday (interrupted by many bursts of laughter) she was finally able to blow out her candles. 

Birthday Girl wine glass
Cold Stone cake - vanilla cake, cake batter ice cream with sprinkles, layer of fresh strawberries, and thick top layer of chocolate.

On Sunday we took Aggie for a walk along the paths by their house, which have routes mapped out and go all the way to Richmond! Kathryn made us breakfast and then we went to the outlets for some shopping. We ate lunch outside at a great little restaurant (the name oh which I've forgotten) and then went back for a second helping of Sweet Frog. If only we had a Sweet Frog in Nashua! That place is addictive. 

Yum. I could eat this every day.

It was sad to leave after such a short visit, but we managed to pack in lots of fun stuff and had a wonderful time. I'll see Kathryn in July for Steph's wedding, and we're already planning the next weekend we can get together. 

Happy Birthday Kathryn! Miss you already!

Do you love or hate surprises? What's the best surprise you've ever pulled off?
Surprising Kathryn was the best I've ever done!


  1. So sweet to surprise her like that! What a great friend.

    Amy @ A Little Nosh

  2. YEAH! Surprises rock!! I wish our froyo place had a cute name like sweet frog!! (;

  3. SO SO FUN!! Coldstone cakes are my favorite and I need that fro-yo. LOVE your pedicures and shorts. You are SO gorgeous!

  4. I am sooooo bad at surprises! I get too excited and want to tell!

  5. What an awesome surprise!!! You are such a great friend. Looks like such a fun weekend, we need a fro-yo place around here!!! :)