Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baking With My Bridesmaids

This past weekend was Steph's bridal shower and bachelorette party. On Friday Whitney flew in from Washington and we met up with Steph and Gina for some cocktails and to see Bridesmaids (we figured this was an appropriate way to start the weekend). 

Steph, Gina, me, Whitney

This movie is absolutely hilarious and I highly recommend seeing it! It was fun seeing it with Steph because throughout the movie she kept saying - oh that is so me...oh that is so you! 


On Saturday we went to Steph's shower, which was hosted by her parents at a great restaurant in Bedford. The food was fantastic (highlights were purple mashed potatoes and an ice cream and cookie bar for dessert) and it was wonderful to have so many of the important women in Steph's life together. In addition to shower gifts, all of the bridesmaids gave Steph a joint gift - a cookbook, apron and some heart-shaped measuring spoons. It wasn't just any cookbook - it was a cookbook I put together on Snapfish. We called it Baking With My Bridesmaids and it was full of pictures of Steph with all of her bridesmaids. Each bridesmaid also had her own page with pictures and a recipe. 

Steph looking through the cookbook in her new apron
I got the idea from a shower I went to last weekend and thought it was great. Its really nice to have something made especially for you, and this is a gift that Steph can keep in her kitchen and will think of all of us when she uses. Steph really loved this book - I think its a fun idea to give for bridal or baby showers, college graduation, birthdays, etc. 

Steph and 9/10 of her bridesmaids at the shower:

My mom and me at the shower:

After the shower we went to set up the suite at the Park Plaza Hotel while the maid of honor distracted Steph. Among the decorations were a clothesline full of new "undergarments" ...

...and that's probably all that is appropriate enough for this cooking and running blog!

After dinner and drinks in the room we made our first stop at Flash's.

We then made our way to Liquor Store.

Next we went to The Estate.

And we ended the night at Whiskey Park. By that point it was too late for a group shot. 

We had a scavenger hunt with a long list of things Steph needed to do and find throughout the night. I'm not going to spoil it by writing the whole list, but here are a few highlights:

Making a veil out of toilet paper.
Ballet dancing with a stranger.
Make fart noises with your armpit for a guy that buys you a drink.

It was a great day and great night! Both the shower and the bachelorette were a lot of fun. I can't wait for Steph's wedding in July!


  1. That looks like SO MUCH fun!

    What a great flipping cookbook idea!! I totally LOVE IT!

  2. What a fun time!
    I love the idea of the cookbook with a page from each of the bridesmaids...what a personal gift!!

  3. That looks like SOOO much fun!!! And I am going to steal some ideas for my (future)sis in laws shower/bachelorette party :)