Friday, February 18, 2011


Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY! 

I'm in a particularly good mood this morning; partly because its Friday, and also because the weather has been amazing. How can you not be happy with the warm weather we've been having?

It was 61 degrees when I left work yesterday! They'd predicted that it would be in the 40s, but we got 60s! 

I went for a run before leaving work and for some reason my legs felt like lead. I've been pretty sore this week and I'm not sure why. I didn't really mind too much though, I was just so happy to be outside and enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine. I may sound like a hippy, but after the miserable winter we've had I've been dying to be outside.

After my run I drove up to Nash and hit the gym for back and bis. I think I've had good strength workouts this week because all of my muscles are tight. I like that feeling because it makes me feel like I'm getting stronger (I don't like prolonged tightness in my legs though, because that interferes with my running). I meant to spend some time with my foam roller when I got home and work on my leady leg muscles, but instead got distracted by a growling stomach. I made a piece of toast with peanut butter and a thick layer of unsweetened apple sauce on top and had a glass of skim milk on the side. Have you ever had toast with peanut butter and applesauce? It was my first time trying it and its so good! Peanut butter on apples is delicious, so peanut butter with applesauce seemed like the next logical snack.

I don't have any fun recipes to share with you about dinner last night (which just ended up being another piece of toast, some cereal, and dark chocolate - not the most balanced meal ever) - I spent the night doing laundry, cleaning my apartment, and wrapping baby gifts. This weekend is a busy one - tonight I need to get some grocery shopping done and then Pat and I are meeting up with some friends. Saturday will begin with a long run, followed by my good friend's baby's 1st birthday party, which will be followed by a friend's surprise 30th party (all in Massachusetts). Sunday begins bright and early with a 10am baby shower, followed by Pat and I having 10 people over for "linner" (lunch/dinner) at our place, followed by going out to dinner with some friends (all in New Hampshire). So busy! But its completely full with fun things, and now that I have the cleaning and most of the prep work done, I can enjoy the craziness instead of being stressed out. AND I have Monday off of work - which is perfect because that will be a day to relax and recharge before the work week begins!

Since I don't have any recipes for you today, I'll leave you with a random bit of information about me. This is a Bambi figurine I keep on my desk at work. 

It was a gift from Kathryn (one of my very best friends in the world). She has been calling me Bambi (or Bambs for short) for many, many years. I have no idea how I got the nickname, but I love that she calls me that, and having a Bambi on my desk makes me think of her (she lives down in Virginia) and makes me happy!

What are you looking forward to this weekend? Fun plans or time to relax?

Do you have any funny nicknames?

Happy Friday!


  1. a friend of mine calls me "tinie"....must be because i'm so small :)

  2. I have a distinguished set of nicknames. From my mom (I think) as an infant: Miss Mouse. From a relative whose son I think I intimidated as a 7 year old: "Warla" (I quickly got over that mouse-like quality). From an old softball coach: the Glove, glovie, glovester (seems I caught the ball successfully a number of times). From my rugby teammates in college: Blessing and "Grrrrrr!". From my friend Maeve: ZAB. From my friend Dara: The Punisher. From a mentor: the occasional "kiddo" (the guy is so awesome, he can call me whatever he wants). From Todd: Boo, and a number of other variations (something needs to be private, right?). But for you, Miss Moo, there is one particularly long-lasting nickname of note: "Wa-Wa", which has stood the test of time.