Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stella Blu, I Love You

Gina and I met up for another girls night at Stella Blu last night. Now, I realize that I don't need to blog about every trip we take there, but I must tell you about what we got last night.

I thought about what I'd be eating and drinking all day (as I normally do) so I'd really worked up an appetite and a thirst by the time we met last night. I stuck with my favorite dirty martini to drink, but when it came time to order, I was completely stumped. Even after thinking about it all day I still hadn't reached any conclusions! Gina was debating between pulled pork sliders and a BLT flatbread when the waiter suggested that she get pulled pork on the flatbread! What a great idea! I ordered the roasted beet salad to start with while I spent some more time looking at the menu...when it hit me that I could order a custom flatbread, too! I called the waiter over, told him to nix the salad, and instead put it on the flatbread. He looked at me like I was crazy, which wasn't what I was expecting at all. Didn't he know that this would be the greatest pizza idea ever??

I need to backtrack for a moment. The last time we ate at Stella Blu, I told you about our great waiter Dan who was very funny and gave us free cheesecake. Obviously he made quite the impression on us. Gina and I were both disappointed to learn that Dan wasn't working last night. When our waiter came over (who was bearded, just like Dan) we asked where Dan was that night (yep, slightly stalkerish of us, but we weren't bothered by it). He first did an amazing impression of Dan, and then walked away laughing. Gina and I couldn't believe it - the impression was uncanny. Perhaps all bearded waiters at Stella talk alike? So we got to prodding (as I usually do) and learned that this waiter's name is Mark, and guess what? He is Dan's roommate! Not only that, but Mark actually recognized Gina from a pool party back in 1994 at her house because two of her older brothers had coached him in baseball. Crazy! Now that we were confident that we were in good hands with Mark, we were able to fully relax and enjoy our evening!

We started with a crab and cheese dip, which was pretty good.

But then the true masterpieces came...our custom pizzas!

My flatbread was first smothered in goat cheese, then layered with roasted red and yellow beets, and  topped with mixed greens and a splash of dressing.

Gina's pizza was some of the best pulled pork I've had, covered in cheese, scallions and carrot shavings.

We each tried a piece of the other person's pizza. Soooo good. I don't know what else to say. Both of these custom flatbreads were amazing. We told Mark that they should be added to the menu, he said it wasn't going to happen. Fine. Well now I'm sharing this with all of you so that if you ever go to Stella Blu, or another flatbread restaurant, you can request these toppings and taste for yourself. Or make it at home! I'm definitely going to make the roasted beets and goat cheese pizza at home soon!

We topped off our delicious meal with some freshly made (and melt-in-your-mouth warm) donuts.

Here's Gina, enjoying a bite of donut! She said they tasted like fried dough, and then laughed at herself, because obviously donuts are fried dough. But fried dough is different than donuts and these really did taste like little treats you'd get at the fair!

Today for lunch I had my leftover pizza with a side of steamed broccoli and cauliflower (dusted with some ground red pepper and garlic powder).

I think this was even better today than it was last night! The combination of the crisp flatbread, the creamy goat cheese and those roasted beets is just amazing. PLEASE do yourself a favor and make/order a pizza like this ASAP! This is definitely my new favorite!

After finishing lunch I wanted something sweet (I've totally fallen off the wagon and have had sweets every day this week) and remembered that a package from my sister had arrived today! If I know Laura, there's something edible and delicious in there! And look what I found...

A bag full of Lindt truffles! It was wrapped in a beautiful red pouch, but I'll admit that I ripped it off quickly and immediately dug into this bag. Thank you Laura, and you'll be the death of me! Right as I finished all of my Christmas candy you've gone and restocked me!

Coincidentally, I'm sending Laura a package today! Over the weekend I did a test run of the Baked Apple Oatmeal Bread for Laura. I made her loaf this morning, and this time I didn't forget to add the oats! Here it is:

It got a little toasty on top, but I'm hoping that its still good! The bread wasn't done cooking so I didn't want to take it out of the oven when I saw it starting to brown.

After letting it fully cool, I wrapped it in two layers of saran wrap, then tin foil, and finally a large Ziploc bag. I want this baby to be fresh when it arrives in Virginia!

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