Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peeps and Other Treats

After cookies won over exercise on Wednesday, I continued the naughty streak on Thursday. I was going to go to the 6:30pm Bikram class, but then found out that Pat would be home at 6pm! That probably sounds normal for most people, but with our schedules, we're lucky if we're both home by 8:30pm on weeknights. So I skipped yoga to spend some time with Pat...and eat some ice cream. Hayward's, the local ice cream stand, is open for the season. We decided to switch our meals and have ice cream cones first, and then dinner after. 

I got half mango sorbet and half vanilla frozen yogurt in a waffle cone. I then topped it with Haribo mini frogs because I'm obsessed with having gummies on my ice cream.

Pat got Oreo ice cream, his latest favorite. And then I think I annoyed him by taking a picture of every bite he took.

After ice cream we went home and cooked up the rest of the fresh pasta and ravioli I made the night before. So delicious! I want to go back for another class! I soon realized that eating dessert before dinner is not a good idea. When I finished my dinner I wanted something sweet again! So from now on I guess I'll stick to eating in the right order.

On Friday I finally made it to the Bikram class I'd been putting off, and then went down to Boston for an open house (more info to come later) and meet up with some girls from school for drinks. On Saturday I went to Bikram and went for a 4 mile run (my first run since the half marathon) - my legs were still pretty tight, but I think that's from Bikram and not the race.  Saturday was a cold and rainy day - one of those days that you just want to stay home and do nothing. We didn't really have that luxury, but we did have time for a warm lunch, and got take out from Cooking Matters (I've shopped for food here but never had their prepared meals). I got the butternut squash soup and half of the veggie sandwich.

It was actually butternut squash and sausage soup, and it was amazing. The sausage was ground down and pureed with the squash, so it was a thick soup (no chunks). It was rich and delicious (perfect for a rainy day) and had a little sweetness to it. The veggie sandwich was served on fresh ciabatta bread, covered with hummus, and filled with mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, carrots, red onions and sprouts. This was also incredible. The meal was exactly what I was in the mood for and was so satisfying.

For dessert, Pat and I split a cinnamon bun scone.

Pat always claims that he doesn't like scones, but I knew he'd like this one because it was covered in frosting. After eating it Pat announced that next time we won't be splitting it - we'll each get our own. I think I'm going to be making some scones soon, now that Pat is willing to eat them.

On Sunday we celebrated an early Easter with my family down in Rhode Island. For my contribution I made something very easy and festive - Peeps S'mores! I saw these on Serious Eats and had to try them. I love Peeps, and they work perfectly as s'mores!

All you need is graham crackers, Peeps, and some chocolate bars (I made half of the s'mores with dark chocolate and half with milk chocolate). 

Assemble your s'mores (graham cracker, then chocolate, then Peep) and bake at 350 degrees for 3-4 minutes (until nicely puffed).

Remove from oven and top with more graham cracker.

These were really good...and really messy. We had a lot of camera-shy s'mores eaters, but here are a couple shots I got (notice a lot of them are fuzzy because they're trying to move out of the shot):

Devouring my s'more! Kara in the background eating one.
Kara had hers without a top.
Lauren going in for the kill.
Kristi and Jim. Jim is pretending to be sad so I won't post this picture. Guess what? Its posted! :)

What are your favorite things to do with Peeps? 
I like mine with ice cream, on cupcakes, and now in s'mores! When eating them plain I like them better stale because they have more of a crunch.


  1. I like my peeps stale too! I open the pack and them let them sit out for a week. In theory. In reality, I open them and keep going back for one more, one more, until they're all gone.
    I LOVE the Peep smores!

  2. Peep s'mores! I love it. I have a bunch of Peeps I need to use and I think I am going to make colorful rice crispy treats with them!

  3. Def STALE! They're good frozen too (:!

    OH what a good idea- rice crispy treats!! I can't wait for my easter basket to come now!!!

  4. This looks great. I never thought of using them in smores.

  5. mmm I had peeps today and they were delicious!

  6. I am obsessed with Peeps (my obese cat is even named peeps), I'll have to try your recipe!