Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All My Bags Are Packed...

...actually, my tub is packed.

Instead of packing like a normal person, I had an idea. After the half marathon on Saturday I'll be in need of an ice bath, and why not bring my own? This big plastic bin will be perfect to fill with ice water out in Laura's yard. In the meantime, I packed all of my clothes, foam roller, and other miscellaneous items in the tub for my trip down. The best part of this was probably when I purchased the bin at Target. I knew what I wanted when I went to the store - one of those large plastic buckets with the rope handles. Like this:

I described the item and asked a sales associate to help me find them. When we got to the aisle I was excited and said, "yes! this is exactly what I'm looking for!" He replied "Are you having a party? These are perfect to fill with bags of ice and beer." Then I pulled one down from the shelf and crouched down in it. The look on his face was priceless. "No," I replied, "I need to make myself an ice bath, and this isn't big enough." He then pointed me in the direction of the large storage bins. I had a good laugh, and I'm sure he did, too.

I just loaded up a small cooler with these snacks for the day:

Apples, banana, orange, Babybel cheese, baby carrots, mango pieces, smoothie, Nalgene full of water, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a pita full of hard boiled egg whites, avocado slices, and spinach. Its going to be a long trip and I'm sure I'll be hungry. For some reason traveling always makes me hungrier than usual. I used to travel for work and was always starving on the airplane.

I have these audio books to listen to:

I think I'll listen to Born to Run on my way down to get amped up for the race on Saturday. Laura actually bought me this book a couple years ago for Christmas, and I read the first half but never finished it. So I'm looked forward to hearing the whole thing.

I didn't do Bikram last night or this morning like I'd planned so I'm hoping that I'm not feeling as tight tomorrow. I'm going to try to take a few breaks throughout the day to walk around a bit and loosen up. I'll do some short runs in the next couple days and some extra foam rolling before Saturday morning.

Okay, I'm off! This is my first solo road trip, but I think I have all of the essentials for a good drive! I should be in Charlottesville by dinner time! Laura, what are we having?


  1. Good luck. hope you have a great time!

  2. Yay! Have a safe trip and fun trip! Good luck in your race. I'll be waiting for your race report :)

    I live in Lyndeborough, its about 25 minutes west of Nashua and about 35 from Manch. We'll have to pick a Saturday to meet up for Bikram!!

  3. OMG you're a genius!! That tub cracks me up!!

    DRIVE SAFE! Wear your seatbelt!!!

    RUN HARD! Goodluck!
    Can't wait to hear about it!!

  4. Be safe and have a blast at the run! GOOD LUCK!

  5. Great idea for the ice bath container!

    Have fun in C'ville, love that town!!!!!!!

    So many DELICIOUS restaurants there too...

  6. "are you having a party?" hahaha yeah party for your legs! HAVE FUN!

  7. "having a party!" haha that's too funny. Kill the race!! Good luck & safe travels =)

  8. How long does the Boathouse Farms drink last you? Do you have one per day?